We believe that every small business decision can have a large and positive impact on the world. For that reason, The Lulo Project is proud to be part of the Slow fashion movement. We used high quality materials from natural or sustainable sources, smaller and zero waste productions batches and timeless and versatile designs so you can keep it for a lifetime. You can read more about this below and, of course, if you have any further questions do not hesitate in contact us at


Natural fibers and Vita fabrics 

We are committed to offering 50% of our fabrics made out of natural sources such as silk, viscose, linen, cotton and Tencel within others. 

We also offer sustainable fabrics like Carvico Vita which is a recycled plastic fabric made in Italy from two yarns – 22% elastane and 78% recycled nylon. The nylon is 100% recycled and created by Econyl.

Vita is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, stretch, soft and breathable: a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort. Thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils than other similar fabrics in the market. 


Packaging and other materials 

We ship to you in 100% recycled packaging. As a company, we have set a goal for ourselves: to do our best at reducing the amount of landfill that e-commerce produces by choosing only to ship to you in recyclable and degradable materials. 

We have chosen Better Packaging comPOST bags, these bags are partly made from plants and renewable BPAT, meaning that they will degrade with no toxic residues. 

All the hang tags, tissue paper, envelopes and postcards you find inside our bags are made out of Earth Pact a TREE-FREE paper, made 100% of sugarcane. This material is also compostable and recyclable. 


Zero Waste and Small batches 

All our fabric waste is reused in creating new products for you! It's actually been used to make the face masks, eye masks and scrunchies that you see in this collection. Additionally, we have decided to create small production batches to offer just enough for you to enjoy The Lulo Project products while being conscious of the environment. 


Recycling program 

Finally, even though we want your Lulo garment to last for a lifetime we understand that eventually it will feel vintage to you, and that you would want to get something new from us. Therefore, we will take back any TLP garment that you no longer want and use it for research and development, as well as recycling. Just email us to request a shipping label and send it back to us. Any returns you make must be a TLP original garment, in any condition whatsoever. 

What's in it for you? $10 credit towards your next purchase.

What happens to the clothes? Depending on the condition of the garments, they will either be:

  • Deconstructed and used for new garment development
  • Repurposed to serve our communities in Colombia, our Founder’s hometown and where our production facilities are located.