Your Mental Health Matters

Your Mental Health Matters

One of the inspirations for this campaign was a trip I took to Bali about 4 years ago. This trip meant a lot to me because it was my first solo trip after a total breakdown that changed my life. Yes, a few months earlier I had a panic attack, a way of my body telling me that I needed to slow down and take care of my mental health. It was very difficult for me to accept that I needed help, that even though I consider myself a strong woman, I needed to stop and take care of myself. From that moment on many things changed in my life, I started therapy, I took medicine that helped me balance myself again, I ate better and I started to accept help and take better care of myself. This resulted in changing jobs, and pursuing a more calmer but fulfilling life.  Bali was the perfect trip to make my first solo trip after such a rollercoaster year. The vibe was so serene and calm that it felt like a spiritual cleansing.

I stayed at the Chapung Sebali hotel in the middle of the jungle and I can still recall the beautiful view of all the scenery, all the green that gave me such a wonderful peace. 

It is important to talk about mental health, more people than you realize are struggling with this. 

It is ok not to be ok all the time, and it is ok to need help too. 

We need to stop the mental health stigma so people can feel safe talking about these issues. We need to talk more about it so people can feel they are not alone. My Bali trip was part of the healing and restoration of my mental health, and the beginning of the road towards creating The Lulo Project. For that I will always be grateful for Bali, for its jungle and its green. 


Martha & The Lulo Project Family 

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