You are who you were made to be

You are who you were made to be

Ah! That liberating feeling: no pretending, just flowing; no trying to fit into anything in particular, just being who you are, actively adapting as you discover new parts of yourself.

Ever since we started our brand, we knew we wanted Lulo to beam inclusion. Our prints, our manufacturing, our models, our customers, ourselves. And we know, from your purchases, comments and requests, that we’re approaching that goal, slowly but surely. We ourselves at the Lulo Project team are a mix of ages, races, classes, nationalities, queerness. What brings us together is reaching for that same goal.

We know fluidity because we live it. We also live and many times push through the fear that causes others. Prejudice and discrimination? Yes, it’s been there. Impostor syndrome? For sure! Mental health challenges? More common than we thought. Comradery? Fortunately, more and more often. 

As Pride month kicks off, we want to acknowledge the tremendous role the LGBTQI+ community has had in pushing ALL of our rights forward, making the persecution-of-different visible, turning hate into pride, teaching us boldness, comradery, love. Without Pride, we probably also wouldn’t know the true meaning of the word ALLY. For us at Lulo, embodying allyship means we don’t assume, we believe, we get inspired, we support, we stand behind and not in front, we let voices be heard and colors shine. 

Pride month is a time for reflection and for truly embracing the beauty within us all. There’s no catch, no sale, no tie to the business, just a genuine token of our appreciation for the millions who have suffered and the millions who continue to show us the power of shining light on hate.


The Lulo Project Family. 

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