Women’s Suffrage: Its dangers and delusions.

Women’s Suffrage: Its dangers and delusions.

London 1910, H.B. Samuels wrote;

“The Woman Suffrage movement, from having been only a curiosity, has now become a danger… ladies whose outlook on life is blurred by a false sense of superiority, added to by donations from others whose ambition it is to prove to an uninterested world how essential they are to the world’s well-being, have resulted in attracting large numbers of sensitive and impressionable females to the “Cause.” Many of them, having no desire or capacity to do anything useful, imagine themselves equal in value and intelligence to the average man. The average man, however, is not impressed, and estimating them at their real value passes by on the other side. These females, fortified by the indisputable fact that sex-inequalities exist everywhere, foolishly assert that a Parliamentary vote would prove a magic wand with which to dispel all the “irksome and irritating” conditions that laws, customs and Nature itself have imposed on womankind.

Written 111 years ago, and yet still so relevant. I swear, if we exchanged the words “Woman Suffrage” for other social and civil movements of this century, most of us would assume this is a tweet from an extreme media outlet. But I have got to agree with Mr. Samuels in one thing: We women ARE a danger to the status quo, and we are most certainly part of a delirious crowd that believes in true equality. The Lulo Project is and will always defy the power structures that support and perpetuate inequality towards specific or targeted groups, because we believe with wild-excitement-to-the-point-of-ecstasy in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” This, and all the subsequent Articles of the Declaration that guarantee a decent life for everyone.

In honor of all those exclusive Clubs across the world that still exclude, here’s a recipe for your delirious happy hour this weekend:

The Garrickade: “For Gentlewoman Only”


Edible Flowers (pansies if possible!) 



Cinnamon Stick

Orange peel


Step 1- Take your edible flowers and distribute evenly through your ice tray, leave overnight.

Step 2- Pour your Gin in your favorite tall glass, we recommend something fresh and citrusy for the summer months such as Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla.

Step 3- Add your favorite tonic, we chose Indian Tree for its luscious botanical oils.

Step 4-Take your cinnamon stick and stir your drink 3-4 times

Step 5-Cut a piece of orange skin and gently drop in your glass

Step 6-Enjoy!



The Lulo Project Family.

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