Women for Women

Women for Women

The data is heartbreaking. Hard-fought gains for women’s rights are under threat.

The headlines are frightening. The Covid-19 toll on women is devastating. Violence against women has risen as the shadow pandemic. Women are dropping out of the workforce at alarming rates. Women are doing three times as much unpaid chores at home than their male counterparts during the pandemic. Even the most successful women are paying a price. 

And yet. This is also a time to highlight the powerful contribution of women to helping us overcome this pandemic. Women have been called “the real heroes in the fight against Covid-19.” They make up over 70% of the global healthcare workforce, and women peace-builders have become a central force for good in communities across the developing world. 

Are we close to building the basis for equality? Unfortunately not. 

Yet, are we ready to give up the fight? No ma’am! We.Are.Not.

And especially at Lulo, we’re turning up the volume of our women supporting women campaign during this International Women’s Month. 

We want to celebrate the women we admire in our lives by encouraging you, our dear customers, to pay it forward. To send a little Lulo something to your best friend, your colleague, your amazing teacher, or that woman you admire across the street (or the internet). It’s a small gesture, but one that we believe will inspire us to continue recognizing each other’s contribution, and one that will remind us that not every woman is getting the recognition they deserve. 

So go ahead and empower yourself to empower others. This month, for every power tee you buy, you will get another one for free so you can give it as a present to a woman you admire. Join us in recognizing the enormous contribution of women to society, especially during these trying times.



The Lulo Family. 

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