Why are we an African diaspora resort Brand ?

Why are we an African diaspora resort Brand ?

Fashion has long been a means of expression and identity for people across the world. But the fashion industry in general has perpetuated a eurocentric and colonial view that sometimes invisibilizes the African diaspora influences in fashion. Also, since African Diaspora refers to the dispersion of African people and cultures throughout the world, due to various historical events such as the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism among others, most of the information about the history of African fashion and traditions have been passed down orally through family stories and firsthand experiences. As a result, there is little to no documentation on African and Diaspora fashion and textiles. But we still want to be seen. We still want to show our point of view, one which is surely unique and different, with fabrics and textiles that celebrate patterns, vibrant colors and exceptional quality. 

We decided to create The Lulo Project to give ourselves a seat on the table as an African diaspora fashion brand. We wanted to create a lifestyle brand that gives a platform to voices and perspectives that have traditionally been marginalized. We created a brand where we could freely showcase our rich history that is influenced by our African heritage, European colonization and the indigenous cultures from the Americas. And we have promised to always provide a twist of modernization because that is the fun of fashion: to be constantly evolving. 


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