The Witch & The Saint

The Witch & The Saint

The Story of Helena and Sybilla is a tale far too known by women around the world. Twin sisters born in Germany around the late 16th century, they will encounter hardship but will not be defeated, navigating an era where superstition was the rule and misogynism the norm. Female twins were a bad omen, many believed they attracted evil, but the girls had a special gift; foresighting the future.

Sybilla was raised in her hometown and it took little for her village to notice her abilities. As you might well guess, she was quickly labeled a witch; feared and hated, she lived an isolated life, shunned and rejected by her peers. But she learned that being comfortable with yourself is the greatest luxury of all.

Her sister Helena, on the other hand, was sent away to a convent to be raised as a nun. Once the congregation discovered her ability, she was seen as a saint and treated with admiration and respect. She learned that truth would ultimately set her free.

Both grew up struggling to fit within the norms of the environments they were placed on; both refusing to settle down to become their own man. Helena became a prophet, while Sibylla trained to become a midwife. The latter was eventually accused of being a witch and sentenced to life in prison. When Helena learned of her sister’s fate, she raced back home to rescue her. She understood that when the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.

Helena managed to rescue her sister and ran to the forest … now the end of the story is up to you;

Alt 1: Helena drank orange poison which caused her to become horribly sick, but managed to survive because colour can raise the dead.

Alt 2: Helena was burned at the stake for aiding a witch, and reincarnated as a XX century feminist; the truth set her free but first it really pissed her off.

Alt 3: Helena traded places with her sister. Sybilla became a saint and Helena a witch; they might have encountered many defeats but they sure were not defeated.

Alt 4: The Twins were never seen again; they became their own “rich man” and lived happily ever after.

Alt 5: They travelled east and became silk traders. Consumers were changing, and silk was a Luxe Comfort worth investing in.

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I enjoyed this blog and the alternate endings as suggested by these powerful quotes especially as I have been searching for this story about the twin sisters. I heard of the German author Ulrike Schweikert and have her novel, Die Hexe und Die Heilige, but have not found a translation in English. Do you know of any such translation?

Michael Thatcher

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