The Scrooge - A Christmas Carol

The Scrooge - A Christmas Carol

It’s that time of the year again; Starbucks red cups are back, everything is sprinkled with cinnamon spice and everything nice. My tree is well… mostly up and my hours are spent relentlessly looking for perfect Christmas prezzies. As always, it’s a fail, I must say every time I open a website or walk into a store, I catch myself saying… “OMG you know who would love that?!?!” ME!!!! By the third self-purchase of the day I realize I need help. But I’m just too comfy in my new Hedonistic Kimono to start “shopaholic” rehab so I did the next best thing… I browsed through my bookshelves to find inspiration as I usually do. After a good 45 minutes that left me with dusty hands and a headnote to dust my bookshelves, there it was! Staring back at me with its brown mock leather cover, I have to say a true survivor! This little fellow has survived 7 or 8 moves over 2 decades gaining itself a permanent spot in my collection.

A Christmas Carol 


Charles Dickens

Interesting… I had just stumbled into the man who invented Christmas as we know it. It made me wonder if I had ever actually read the book, I bet myself £100 I hadn’t- and won. I spent the next few days submerged in Victorian London seen through the eyes of Mr. Dickens, and couldn’t help but wonder if 2020 had all been a dream where the ghost of future Christmas came to give us a huge scary shake as I read. “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business.” I guess I’ve been a bit of a scrooge too, we have all been the scrooge but after turning over the last page I felt like embracing that scrooge within and the message he brings: a message of hope, change and generosity. I will start by shopping for others this time for real! So, I proceeded to do my own very naughty or nice list. Let’s see… 

  1. Mum. Status: Definitely nice. Would look fab in the “Hug – me” dress. 
  2. Sis. Status: Mmm… hard to tell let’s say sort of naughty. She is THE jumpsuit queen the “Zizz” is totally up her alley.
  3. Mother in Law. Status: Sometimes naughty sometimes nice. Loves a good Hollywood oldie, the “Hedonistic” Kimono will keep her on the sweet side for a few months at least.
  4. Bestie. Status: Defo naughty and has the world record of returning EVERY SINGLE gift. Let’s play safe and go with the “Got you Lulo” Gift card.
  5. Fav cousin. Status: Super nice yogi goddess. She will L-O-V-E some “Go to leggings” & “Singles” Bra. 
  6. Secret Santa. Status: Naughty, got “Karen” from the office. She could benefit from giving that generic face mask a rest, a “Stay Safe” mask would be a hit.
  7. The Last minute Christmas guest. Status: Who knows… ahhh panic! Last minute gift buying stressed me out. 1, 2 3 breath… “Do it all” Scarf


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