The Lulo Project- Custom Made Wedding dresses

The Lulo Project- Custom Made Wedding dresses

One of the most beautiful experiences in fashion is witnessing the joy on a client's face, especially for a significant event in their life. This past December, I had the privilege of creating a wedding dress for Daniela and her bridesmaid crew who lives in Chile. This project held special meaning as Daniela's mother had recently passed away.

While a perfect wedding dress cannot replace the absence of her mother, our goal was to make the experience as wonderful as possible. This is the mission of The Lulo Project – to make our customers smile, feel comfortable, beautiful, and loved.

Despite the challenges of coordinating everything across Milan, where I live and constantly travel, and our studio and workshop in Colombia, with bridesmaids scattered around the world, we were able to create the perfect dress and dresses. Perfection, to us, is when the customer feels comfortable, elegant, and happy.

Daniela chose two dresses for the wedding. The main gown featured a princess skirt draped at the waist and shoulders, enhancing her beautiful bone structure. The neckline flowed gracefully with her body, and the veil was personalized with embroidered lilies, her favorite flower, adding a more intimate touch.

For the second outfit, she chose our Nubian Set to dance all night long. To make it unique, we created an exclusive print for the occasion, combining her favorite flower, the lilies, with our signature dots.

Creating dresses for Daniela's bridesmaid crew was a joyous part of the journey. Daniela chose an earthy color palette with vivid tones like gold, mustard, and brown to complement the diverse brown tones of each bridesmaid. This thoughtful choice aimed to enhance their individual beauty and create a harmonious overall look.

Every dress was meticulously designed with a dual focus on both comfort and elegance. The intention was not only to celebrate the union but also to ensure that each bridesmaid felt uniquely beautiful and at ease throughout the special occasion. The result was a collection that resonated with the warmth of earthy tones, reflecting both style and individuality.


In our small way, we aimed to contribute to making Daniela's special day as beautiful and memorable as possible. Here's a sneak peek of this wonderful experience a celebration of love. Que viva el amor!🌸💫 #TheLuloProject #FashionStories #WeddingMagic #quevivaelamor


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