The importance of being seen: Inclusion matters

The importance of being seen: Inclusion matters

I grew up in a primarily white environment. I went to a private school in my hometown where the only black people were my cousins and I, making us the only 3 black people in a school of more than 1000. Yes, we were the minority and therefore, since I was a little girl I knew I was different from what surrounded me. It was particularly hard when I became a teenager; my body was different, my hair was different, the color of my skin was different from my friends and dressing up and make-up was starting to be a problem since I couldn't find anything for me in the market. During the 90’s there were not a lot of black role models to follow, nor products catered for black people; and I often felt invisible. One summer vacation I went to the US and my mom made me discover Iman Cosmetics. It was the first time in my life where I saw an advertisement for women like me, a makeup line for my color of skin. I saw myself in the brand and for the first time I felt as seen. Iman Cosmetics and her founder, Iman Abdulmajid: the fashion model, actress and philanthropist, and especially the entrepreneur, marked my life forever from that moment on. She inspired me to continue working towards inclusion, all the way to the Lulo Project. 



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