Tell me what it is to be human without telling me what it is to be human

Tell me what it is to be human without telling me what it is to be human

I still remember the first time I purchased my first art piece. It was a sunny summer day (for London standards), the date? Late June 2016. We were holding our breaths because in a few days the UK would have to make a decision that would change its course in history. I was on my way to the trendy Hang-up Gallery in East London to get an art piece created by the Connor Brothers that would sadly remind me of this country’s U-turn for years to come. 

I always thought you had to be wealthy and a “connoisseur” in order to become an art collector… fortunately for my pocket and means, I found there’s nothing further from reality! The truth is anyone with a genuine love for art can become a collector and support upcoming and emerging artists. I’m living proof myself! And I started by acquiring this piece via the a scheme funded by Arts Council England, which was created to make it easy and affordable for anyone to buy art.

I guess Adrian Elmer was right when he said, “Art is when a human tells another human what it is to be human” And this is precisely how the art world captivated my undivided attention. I love hearing about others’ experiences of being human in a language that’s beyond words. Every trace, every stroke, every mark, every curve is so personal yet consistent with the artists’ life story, with their view and interpretation of history and society, all based on their own personal experience of race, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, social background, etc. It’s intoxicating, addictive and virtually impossible to escape once you are in - one day you just wake up and you have more artwork than wall space to hang! 

Any art lover will dream of owning a Picasso or finding an old master in a flea market… but most of us will just have to live with the fact that chances of striking such luck are slim to none. Therefore, I propose you take your chances on emerging artists, visit local small galleries, art residencies, degree shows, online art platforms, and find your way around. Sure, it’s not exactly like finding a Da Vinci in your attic, but there is something thrilling and exciting when you bet on someone’s lifework and watch them grow and flourish …it’s like the stock market but for creative spirits. 


The Lulo Project Family. 

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