Taking up space

Taking up space

 /ˈteIkiŋ/  /ʌp/  /speis/

Yes! But not the one you’re thinking about… Taking up space means finding the strength to believe that your voice is valid.

When worldwide quarantines began, we started reading articles (ok ok you got me :) watching videos) about animals exploring the spaces where humans no longer abounded. From fish, ducks and dolphins floundering about in Venice’s empty canals to Chicago penguins gazing at aquarium exhibits. While they were outside exploring the new space, we were inside, exploring… ourselves?

Well, we at Lulo certainly were.

We looked at old pictures from mesmerizing travels (more to come on that one). We rebuilt our internal spaces to make them more livable (plants, plants, and more plants!).

We observed more in detail (oh wow, that vase is cool! I have good taste ;)).

We also looked out with a bit of nostalgia, reminding ourselves that for just a few more weeks (no one said it would be months, but here we are!) those parks, avenues, restaurants we so missed, would remain empty. Of humans, that is.

After reading all those articles about animals going out and about in our human spaces, the Lulo team went on daydreaming mode (that’s how we refer to brainstorming sessions around here).

The result is our Garden Tiger Drop 1: a piece of our quarantine childlike creativity lapse; a story of wild animals interacting in our relinquished spaces, shining a curious light on our new collective experience.


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