Summer in the city: NYC

Summer in the city: NYC

New York is a place I love. I can't count how many times I have been in the city that never sleeps, but I love how alive it is. The lights, the fact that there is always something to do has always captivated my heart. 

It is definitely a city that makes you feel alive, so during the first years of the  pandemic it was devastating and sad to see it so empty and quiet. It was as if the spark and magic had shut down. But I am not the kind of person who gives up on things, people or even cities. That is why this summer I decided to spend time in the city and it gave me hope that it will become again what it once was. This spring/summer in the city reminded me why it is so fascinating, why you feel so full and energetic every time you go out because there is always something to do and there is something for every taste in the city that never sleeps and it can vary. So, since the summer is still not over I want to give you my personal list of things to do in NYC.

1st day 

  1. Stay at the Standard Hotel and walk around the Highline. The view is not only beautiful but along the walk you will find art installations.
  2. Walk around the meatpacking district and enter all the different coffee shops and boutiques. There is a great increase of quiet luxury interesting to explore. 
  3. Go to the west village and eat at  Dante. The place is not only beautiful but has great seafood. 
  4. After Dante, go and walk a little and meet up with some friends at the bar: Do not Disturb, it’s a black-owned business and it definitely gives you a unique experience. 

2nd day 

  1. Hit the road and go to midtown, walk around times square and then have lunch at Bryant park. By lunch I mean a hot dog from a cart, to feel like you are in NYC.
  2. Afterwards walk through 5th avenue and go to the MOMA, plan to spend several hours there. There is a lot to see! At the end of the day sit in the inside garden and have a small aperitivo.
  3. Afterwards, if you have time, head to Central Station. There you have various options, either go to the market and get something to eat and buy some spices to take back home or go to the Apartment Campbell to listen to some jazz and have some 1920’s style cocktails and bites.

3rd day 

  1. Go early to Soho to the Jeffrey Deitch Art Gallery. Until the 30th of June you will be able to see the Bisa Butler exhibition, a black artist who works with textiles. 
  2. Afterwards, do some damage! I mean shopping  of course, and have lunch at Felix a french-brazilian spot.
  3. In the afternoon head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is always totally worth it. If you are going to see the Karl Lagerfard exhibition, don't forget to get the code to get in the queue. 
  4. Afterwards walk around central park and enjoy the rest of your day. 


Martha Nieto 

There are definitely tons of things to do in NYC but I wanted to give you a taste of what I did and what reassured me that the city has not lost its magic.

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