Self Love

Self Love

Self Love 

\ self-ˈləv\

I have always been single or alone during Valentine’s Day. One way or another, either I’ve been on a break, or just started dating, or not in a relationship, or in a long distance one. Another February 14th is around the corner, and I am again in the beautiful company of myself. 

I don’t hate the date. I actually think it's quite beautiful to have someone to celebrate love; but trust me, for me, it’s always the date that reminds me: “Oh, I’m still single...and over 30” ... Yet, instead of becoming bitter, I have learned to celebrate myself with self-love. As I always tell my friends: If I don’t love me the most, who will? In fact, this has helped me maintain my sense of self even in  new relationships, I’m the one who loves me; everything else, comes from there.

So what is self-love? To me self-love means: giving myself flowers, treating myself to a delicious dessert, pouring myself a bubble bath, opening a champagne bottle for me, going to the spa alone, or putting on something comfortable from Lulo, a piece of clothing that makes me feel luxurious without breaking my bank account. 

Through the years, I have learned to celebrate myself, to love myself even more, and especially, to show this love to myself each and every day, particularly on Valentine’s Day. Because partners will come and go, but you will always be with yourself and you deserve today and everyday your own self-love.

So let’s celebrate and enjoy this February 14th, with yourself or with your partner, but go ahead and celebrate!

With Love, 

The Lulo Project Family.

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