Pet·it   Plai·sirs

Pet·it Plai·sirs

pet·it  plai·sirs

 /ˈpedē/   /ˈplai-sers/

 (Little Pleasures)

It was a cold March day. Gloomy and cloudy, the whole country was holding its breath and waiting for an announcement that was going to change our lives in ways that my generation (who has only known the fruits of freedom and peace) couldn’t possibly imagine. The prime minister (UK) announced measures that restricted our freedom of movement, measures that this and many other countries had not seen since war times. Every single non-essential business had to close, we were not allowed to leave our house unless it was absolutely necessary and life became well… basic, simple, and terribly monotonous. 

After a few weeks, we all learned how to navigate and cope with the situation the best we could. We started to discover the simple pleasures offered by the so-called “new normal.” Finding the last pack of flour in your local supermarket so you could start your new bakery-at-home hobby. Walking to that little deli a few blocks away that stocks fancy ice cream. Your best ever home-cooked meal. Opening that nice bottle of wine you were saving for that “special occasion.” Giving that Netflix show you-weren’t-so-keen-on a chance, and turning out to love it! And last but not least, the joys of comfortwear. Oh! the joys of comfortwear (sighs); of living a life in which everything you wear feels like a hug and never like a corset. 

The dictionary defines special as better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual. Well, I’m not sure if I would define these times as greater or better, but they are certainly different from my usual ones. And never have I needed it more than NOW  to find those special little moments in my everyday life, to turn this overly in-doorsy living into my particular domestic bliss. Seeking Inspiration in those grandiose mid-century Hollywood divas and their fabulous nightgowns (which looked more like gala dresses than any of my run down sad PJs), I started a very serious online search for the ultimate dress like nightgown… It only took 8 months but my search is finally over.


The Lulo Project  Family.

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