New Collection: DNA SAFARI

New Collection: DNA SAFARI

My personal journey led me to take a DNA test in search of my roots, hoping to find a specific place in Africa to connect with. However, the results revealed a mix of backgrounds from everywhere and nowhere. Initially confused, I questioned why I needed to belong to a single place when I could embrace being from many. Reflecting on my diverse life experiences in the USA, Colombia, Italy, and extensive travels, I realized my identity is inherently multicultural.

This realization inspired the creation of a collection that pays homage to Africa through various textile techniques rather than focusing on a specific country. Speed birds, batik-style fabrics, bold colors, and prints such as adinkra, kente, bogolanfini, and Ankara all find a place in my designs. I've given these traditional patterns a modern twist to reflect my unique mix of influences. I call it my "DNA safari," a celebration of the diverse cultures that have shaped my identity. This collection represents my belief that identity is a mosaic of experiences, not confined to a single place or culture but a beautiful blend of many influences.


Martha Nieto 

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