New Collection: Baja

New Collection: Baja

Last year due to covid restrictions, I took the decision to move to Colombia for an indefinite period. I wanted to be able to closely manage all my workshops to guarantee quality and the best ethical conditions for my workers. The Lulo Project is my baby, so at the time it was the best thing to do.

After a few months of only work and no play, I realized this decision was taking a bit of a toll on my creativity. I desperately needed a vacation, one that would bring me back to life, one that would provide me with the kind of inspiration that feeds your imagination. That is when my friend Hugo, who is Mexican, told me we should take a road trip to Baja California. He specifically said that area is magical.  At first I was a bit reluctant. I had always been a Mediterranean or Caribbean type of girl, and was dubious the Pacific Ocean could bring me the inspirational and magical experience he guaranteed.

But oh, was I wrong!  Baja California is a land of contrasts from craggy mountains to sandy beaches, cactus-dotted deserts, mysterious villages and bustling tourist resorts. Most visitors always head straight to Los Cabos, but away from the core of Los Cabos, in places such as La Paz and Todos Santos, travelers can encounter a more rugged side of Baja California. In these places adventure and comfort go hand in hand just like Lulo. This trip finally brought me back my good vibes and the inspiration for our beautiful new collection: Baja. 


Martha Nieto

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