Let’s make the 20’s roar again

Let’s make the 20’s roar again

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Critical elections, recession, a deadly virus, the country divided with racial strife. The world was kind of a wreak… Sounds familiar? 

No, I am not describing 2020. I am taking you back to the 1920's.

In the 1920’s a global pandemic was killing people around the world, there was a rebirth of white nationalist (Ku Klux Klan), there was a resistance to science, and there was the ascendance of Communism and fascism in Europe. This in some way is like our 2020 is echoing the past; but if it is true that history repeats itself, then the 1920’s was also characterized by change, a golden era known as “the roaring 20s”. 

During the 1920’s, women won the right to vote, there was a great migration of African Americans leaving the poverty and racial oppression of the rural South and heading to cities in the North building a new life. It was the era of cultural upheaval, Glitz, flappers and Jazz, great literature, and a major technological revolution. And in fashion, oh my, 1920s fashion for women was all about getting loose: loose silhouettes with glitz (just like Lulo!) which could be worn in daily life and to parties alike. For a moment, people felt the need to be who they really wanted to be, to have freedom of action, liberty of thought. 

So, let’s not wish to go back to 2019 and let’s make this 2020 count as the true beginning of a roaring decade, where we are going to have the time of our lives. And yes, let's welcome this 2021 with open arms. 

Happy New Year to you all!


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