How to style your lulo

How to style your lulo

 A common theme for me this new year is mindfulness – in all elements of my life. Mindful about how I nourish my body and soul, how I choose to spend my down time, and what I decide to add to my wardrobe.

That is why I completely understand why our customers have approached us asking for styling advice. All of us are looking to add color to our days, and we want to be mindful of how we do it.

“Since TLP pieces come in beautiful prints, what can I wear it with?”

“I love it, but how should I style it?”

“Will it look good on me? I’m not used to prints!”

And that is when it hit me, I created Lulo for exactly this reason! I did not only want to dress fabulous fashionistas, instead, I actually wanted to help people who don’t have the time to be fashion addicts even though they love fashion. People who sometimes feel like dressing up is such a hard thing to do. I want to give you all quality pieces that you can combine with most of the basics you already have in your closets.

Because let’s be real, you do not need another white top or a pair of basic pants, you already have that! What you definitely need are easy-to-wear clothing that can add some flair and happiness to your closet, and that can be effortlessly combined with most of your basics.

For that reason, now you will always find a “how to style my Lulo'' tip in the product section. Our experts will show you how easy it is to wear Lulo with basics from your own very closet.

Here are some of our favorites! Enjoy and combine with great finds from


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