How to style your dresses in winter

How to style your dresses in winter

It is wintertime and it is chilling outside, and you may be thinking “no more dresses for me now!” But you do not have to give up on dresses this winter season, you just need to wear the right layers and accessories to make yourself warm and stylish at the same time. 

So how can you wear dresses in winter and not be cold? It is quite easy if you follow these steps:

Layers and more layers: Layer up, by wearing a turtleneck or long sleeve shirt underneath or a vest over it.

Boots or booties: Be strategic about your footwear, wear ankle boots or tall boots that can cover part of your legs.

Chunky sweater or capes: Chunky sweaters are the best options for dresses in winter since it turns your dress into a skirt. Just pair a cute sweater on top of your dress and you have a whole new look. 

Tights or leggings: Wear your short dress as a tunic and pair it up with leggings or tights, this will make you warmer and will give your dress a second life. 


So, don’t give up on your dresses this winter season! With the right accessories and layers you can make a totally new look that can still make you warm. That is why at Lulo we love dresses all year long.


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