Hotel Magique

Hotel Magique

Whenever I think of art prints that represent Lulo’s traveling mentality I think of Hotel Magique, a brand of imaginary souvenirs, art prints, linens,  and accessories that immediately transports us to that much needed out-of-office state of mind. This brand was created by designer Milou Neeelen, who gets inspired by exploring new worlds and hopping hotels along the way. Whenever people decorate their home with Hotel Magique, Milou wants them to feel as if they have taken you on a journey and bring you back memories of an amazing trip or make it easier to dream about future holidays and hotel visits. And that is the feeling we want to replicate with our latest collection. We want you to feel that every piece you buy is a souvenir from one of those places you have been to, or want to visit. Therefore, each dress has the name of one of my favorite vacation sites: Portofino, Koh Samoi, Santorini. So we can all transport ourselves to those magical places wearing a beautiful Lulo dress. Enjoy!


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