Grace Jones

Grace Jones: The Black Swan

Our collection is inspired by Grace Jones, our Black Swan. She is a cult icon with many talents: model, actor, musician. Jones is a renowned rebel; she has made a career of refusing traditional standards. She's famous for debunking stereotypical beauty archetypes with her hyper-androgynous signature look, and she refuses to be pinned down as a "one-trick-pony." She has always surprised us with different  musical styles and acting roles — from Zulu Warrior to sultry Bond girl. She shows us that a woman can be anything she wants and she doesn't need to apologize for wanting it all. 

She is our inspiration for this new collection, a collection that celebrates our inner Grace Jones. We created a collection that celebrates black excellence: black women rebels who unapologetically live their best life under their own terms; black women rebels who have marked people's lives and have inspired younger generations. These women are far from perfect, and that is precisely where their beauty comes from; because despite it all, they have managed to break boundaries and go above and beyond. 

So here, we present to you, the Black Swan collection. 


The Lulo Project Family.

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