5 Gym Essentials

5 Gym Essentials: Going back to the gym safely and in style

During lockdown, I became the queen of exercise at home. BUT... that’s not sustainable

Seeing people, getting inspired to go the extra mile, getting help from a knowledgeable trainer…that’s more like it! especially if I want to keep my mental health intact while I build a bit more muscles :) 

So there I go, I’ve officially headed back to the gym.

Here, I’ll give you my how-to-go-back-to-the-gym-safely-and-in-style guide :D get ready!


1. Search for open windows and covid-conscious gym peers:

The pandemic and endless quarantines have made me more cautious. So, I searched for gyms that were committed to reopening safely, with protocols I could understand and follow. I chose one with windows open widely, and where folks are happy to wear their masks while working out and where they keep their distance. It’s a place that makes me feel covid-safe.


2. Find a gym close to where you need to run your daily errands:

You get the added benefit of walking to and from, AND, of not actually stopping the workout after you’re officially done, but best of all...



3. Get some Lulo athleisure wear so you can go the gym and run your errands in the same morning/afternoon:

Yesssss! Lulo’s prints are fun, inspiring, colorful, empowering. Folks, here’s my new mantra: I refuse to continue investing in black workout clothes. This pandemic has given us enough grim, let’s bring out the color and pull up our comfort fitness outfits Lulo ladies!



4. Toss on your comfy chic Lulo Panther leggings and grab your gym bag:

Stock it up with your favorite Lulo kimono to go over workout clothes, your hand sanitizer, your own towel and water bottle



5. Focus on your mental and physical health needs:

I still don’t manage to go every day. But at least every other day I make a point of combining city errands with my gym workout, a combination that is powerful in getting me out of my couch! Now, I get to also work out around others who are also taking care of their physical and mental health. And if one day my covid-nerves are activated and I’d rather not be around people, I don’t beat myself up, I still use my panther leggings, but stay home until the next day ;) 


Inspirational; definitely my most proud post-lockdown achievement. Always, while in Lulo. 

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