Exuding more ostrich curiosities

Exuding more ostrich curiosities

We mentioned how we at Lulo fell in love with ostriches in our trip to Africa, these elegant and funny looking animals. But we want to tell you more about why ostriches are cool, elegant creatures.

This African flightless bird, the ostrich (Struthio camelus), is part of the ratites, which belong in the Palaeognathae (bear with us!) and is related to other flightless birds such as the Australian Emu, the South American Rhea, and New Zealand’s Kiwi 1.

The ostrich, currently the biggest bird in the world (!): they can reach maximum weights of 150kg (330lb), heights of approximately 2m (6.5ft), and can run at 60km/h (40mi/h). And! They also lay the largest eggs in the world, which can weigh 1.1-1.5kg (2.4-3.3lb) 2.

These distinctive characteristics are not the only reasons why The Lulo Project embraces the ostrich. Similar to the ostrich, our own species, Homo sapiens, is also an African native. As a value-based brand whose four core principles are Comfort Chic, Diversity, Sustainability, and Inclusiveness, the ostrich represents these characteristics: by exemplifying a unique chic style; by embracing nature’s diversity; by showing commitment to our environment; and by symbolizing our African ancestry in an inclusive manner that takes us back “home”.

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