Crown·ed  Pan·ther

Crown·ed Pan·ther

Crown·ed  Pan·ther

 /krouned/  /ˈpanTHər/

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

Angela Y. Davis

And promoting change is at the core of The Lulo Project. 

The black panther has long been a symbol of the black rights movement across the world. We at Lulo are proud to showcase our roots with this empowering and elegant print, intended to be worn by all those who want to feel like royalty. 

Lots of stereotypes have been (mis)spoken about black people in fashion. Heck, about black people in general. We won’t go into those today, but we will very publicly celebrate our ancestry and firmly say: We Are Not Invisible, in fact No One Is Invisible. 

Black folk are not slave descendants. We are descendants of royalty, of inventors, of writers, astrologers, scientists, healers. In fashion, it’s still common to hear phrases like the ones in the headlines above (yes, those are actually 2020 headlines if you can believe it). We build on the shoulders of giants. Thanks to many of our heroes, who fought for freedom, inclusion and democracy, we can continue expanding our representation in areas like fashion. 

In that spirit, we drew design inspiration from our favorite vase, one that we found ourselves staring at for longer this pandemic year, especially as the Black Lives Matter movement resurfaced in this 2020. Our panther vase is usually crowned with peonies, a flower we’re fortunate enough to find often in our local florist shop. 

While looking, we were struck by a beautiful thought: as the panther wore its flower crown, we wanted to be the ones crowning (and honoring) those black women who take care of us day by day, and who are often not seen. 

And so Drop 3, our Crowned Panther print, was born. 

Lounge in our royal designs, give it as a gift to someone you admire, or wear it in our varied accessories (remember we’re still wearing masks!). 

Make yourself visible. Make someone you love visible. 



The Lulo Project Family 

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