Crazy... crazy for Lulo

Crazy... crazy for Lulo


“Are you crazy? Who launches a brand during a pandemic? Who will buy?” 

I AM crazy! Mostly because I usually don’t choose the easy or traditional route. 

My dreams often sound “impossible” to other people. But they always somehow come to reality. Not because of luck, or nepotism, but out of a combination of grit and an eye for opportunity. 

Shonda Rhimes once said it quite well: “You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard. Don’t call me lucky. Call me badass.”  

And badass is what is behind the whole Lulo concept. The way I’ve built it, the obstacles we’ve faced, the way our prints make women feel. 

Owning a small business has confronted me with two realities. One is magical. It’s the one where I get to work closely with our graphic designers to develop the prints, where I get to go to what I call the “candy shop” to buy fabrics, and then make our shared vision a reality. The best part of this magical side has been creating the stories that have made our products come alive and delivered to your doorstep. 

The other reality is not so enthralling. It’s full of spreadsheets, monthly budgets, production delays and adjustments, loads of zoom calls, finding warehouses, managing expectations, helping people deliver on commitments, finding investors, updating powerpoints, and all without being able to leave home, just like you. It can drain a person’s creativity! But that is where grit comes in. And also passion. I once heard that entrepreneurs date their businesses, and it might as well be true! I think about fulfilling those commitments to you, our customers, 24/7, to finding new creative solutions to problems most of you will never know about, to finding the right way to reach you. And when one is solved, out pops another little challenge, and another one, and another one. Grit, which I learned from a series of wonderful string of strong women in my family, especially my mom, is what keeps me going and keeps this business running. It’s what allows me to keep making you, our customers, happy. 

I know we at Lulo are just at the beginning of our journey. I know it will continue to be a crazy one, full of magic and spreadsheets, creativity and nitty gritty details. But even though it’s a ride full of emotions, me and my team are hopeful for the future, and we wouldn’t change our decision to launch during a pandemic for anything. Mostly because we get to make a meaningful product that stands for values and connects with customers when what we need the most is precisely that: a connection to our roots, to our inner strength, and to hope.  

So, thank you for the love and all your support and of course keep shopping your favs at, we definitely do a little happy dance when you buy from us and we see you happy in Lulo. 



The Lulo Family

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