Cova and the LBD

Cova and the LBD

The Quadrilatero d’Oro (or ‘The Golden Rectangle’) in Milan is a fashion lover’s dream - full of boutiques, specialty shops, jewelry, and pastry shops. 

One of our favorite's pastry shops is Cova in via Montenapoleone, a place where you go to treat yourself and give yourself some love. 

Cova is not only a pastry shop, but also a historic place in the city. Opened in 1817 by a Napoleonic officer, Pasticceria Cova quickly became the gathering place for the Milanese, frequented by artists, musicians, and writers—not to mention the best place for a mid-day café. 

Over the last two centuries, Cova has had many illustrious regulars, including composer Giuseppe Verdi. Cova has been characterized by the opulence of its rooms, decorations, and furniture. It is also characterized by its attention to detail and the creation of an innovative patisserie based on tradition. 

All this history and craftsmanship inspired us to create our own version of a classic: The little black dress. Lulo’s LBD known as the Montenapoleone dress is a new icon, rich in craftsmanship but at the same time with lulo’s touch of laid-back elegance. A dress that we hope you can enjoy every day like a coffee with a small pastry in Cova.  


The Lulo Family.

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