Bringing families together: Board Games

Bringing families together: Board Games

The pandemic changed the concept of how we unwind and chill. It brought back board games on the table, video games on phones, in bed and in living rooms. 

In these stressful times, gaming has become therapeutic and is helping some of us preserve our mental health. For me, board games have been a way to stay connected to the people I love and to my family, as well as a way to ease the frustration of having to be isolated together. I never imagined that due to extensive lockdowns I would look forward to that time of the day when my family sits down to play rummy q for a few hours in the day. This was something unimaginable before the pandemic, to be able to play with content hearts, because we used to have such a “busy” life. 

I believe that by playing we are seeking experiences that provide comfort; ways to connect to past moments where we felt safe and happy. For me, part of those happy moments in my childhood had to do precisely with playing board games with family and friends such as uno, rummy q, monopoly and others. So it does make sense that now I look forward to those moments and I see how I am creating new memories that will make these trying times a bit easier to look back to in the future. 

The well known and long-time gaming experts at Hasbro recently wrote that games “offer unique benefits that other activities do not because they require presence, are inherently inclusive and foster authentic connections across generations.” I couldn’t agree more! Games are one of those social activities you can do at home or virtually, both while we regain some kind of normal life and when we’re trying to rebuild connections we lost during the lockdown. What about you? How about getting together with your favorite people and play some games?


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