Ostrich Fever

Ostrich Fever

os·trich  fe·ver

 /ˈästriCH/    /ˈfēvər/


“Ostriches’ wings reach a span of about two meters and are used in mating displays, to shade chicks, to cover the naked skin of the upper legs and flanks to conserve heat, and as “rudders” to help them change direction while running” - OneKindPlanet

In sum, they are adaptive, elegant, funny looking creatures. And we at Lulo, absolutely fell in love with them back in one of our trips (remember those?) to Africa. 

We’ve mentioned quarantine hobbies before. Well, looking at pictures and reorganizing things around the house unearthed some cool reminders of our pre-Covid life. One in which travel was a regular occurrence, and discovery outside the home was the norm. 

But something funny happened while looking at these safari pics. Our enclosement had changed our perspective on things, we were learning to see old things as if we were looking for the first time. 

And so it was, that we realized the pictures told a story of animals and humans. While most pictures were clearly about humans observing animals, every single one containing ostriches showed the opposite behavior: the ostriches were always looking at the humans. 

Ostriches are smart, quick, multi-faceted animals. They wink at you, they flirt, their face exudes curiosity. And, they are highly adaptable. 

Turns out, so are we. Now we know that for sure. And what better way to show that we’ve now become experts at discovering new wonders inside the home, and inside us, than with our Drop 2: The Ostrich Fever print. Wear it in a shirt, a comfy pair of paints, or our Zizz jumper, and let this print wink your day away. 


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