Behind the Look Series: The Marti Set

Behind the Look Series: The Marti Set

Unveiling our newest treasure in the "Behind the Look" series: Martha, the heart and soul of our brand and its founding visionary. She's the embodiment of a dreamer and a doer — a free spirit who pairs chic comfort with hard work. Martha's relentless focus on our clients shines through in her commitment to making every piece both stylish and comfortable. 

The Marti Set embodies her feeling of liberation and joy, offering a combination of comfort, spontaneity, and excitement. Designed to be both cozy and daring, this set exudes a sense of adventure and fun, inviting you to embrace life's playful moments with confidence. Step into the Marti Set and experience the perfect blend of comfort and thrill, reflecting your free-spirited nature and love for living boldly.


The Lulo Project Team

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