Bagni Fiori- Portofino

Bagni Fiori- Portofino



My favorite beach club in the Italian Riviera has and will always be Bagni Fiori. This place is known for countless Hollywood stars that have crossed its path such as Brigitte Bardot, Maria Callas and  Elizabeth Taylor. The only sandy beach in the area, Paraggi is a paradise on earth. Crystal blue emerald water, the bay is off limits to boats, allowing guests to rest in total tranquility. The bay of Paraggi where Bagni Fiori is located is part of the Natural Park of Portofino, popular for snorkeling and diving. As glamorous as it may sound it still conserves the authenticity and local feel of the area. The perfect location for Lulo’s latest SS23 campaign The Dolce Vita. So if you come to Italy do not forget to go to Bagni Fiori. 




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