A serenade to my beloved city: Milano

A serenade to my beloved city: Milano

Milan is Italy's fashion, finance, and design capital. There are many things to do in Milan, but for many who visit it may seem a superficial, gray, cold and ugly city. The truth is that Milan has a lot of “hidden gems” or “secret places,” that are only well known by locals or people who have adopted this city as a home, people like me.

Whenever you stop to observe, and go beyond the surface, if you open a heavy and austere door you will usually find a marvelous courtyard behind it, with rich, scented gardens, or classical palaces where you can taste the Milanese's everyday life.

For me Milan’s true beauty lies behind the scenes, and that is why I decided to create this collection, an homage to the city that shines as a star and is a as beautiful as a rare black orchid. This a gratitude collection towards a city that has given me a lot of wins and a lot of learnings, but most of all opportunities to shine, grow, and to love.

Come and discover Milan and fall in love with the city in Lulo.


Martha J. Nieto

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