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72 Hours of Lulo in London🇬🇧

by Martha Nieto on July 18, 2021

Friyay is here and so is my SS21 Lulo order!!! I literally can’t wait to wear it, after what seemed to be the longest winter in history in which most of my hours were spent indoors quarantining, enjoying a bit of outdoorsy adventures sounds like music to my ears. Lockdown restrictions are starting to lift and I have a full-on weekend ahead of me. TLP describes itself as a transitional brand, this weekend I’m going find out how transitional it really is. 


Weather: Nice, sun is out low 20s 

Pick of the day: Encanto Dress (Sneak Peak for pre-fall available in late Aug 2021)


I usually start my summer mornings with a run and a fresh cup of Colombian coffee (obvs) at the moment I’m still WFH most of the time, so my choice of wardrobe leans towards comfy but “zoomable”.


The day so far has proved to be a lovely English summer day, not too hot, not too cold. I made the most of my lunch break and went for a stroll and ended up doing a bit of impromptu sexy shopping - if you are ever in London I strongly recommend visiting Tallulah Lingerie in Angel Islington, it’s the most exquisite boudoir. Nicola, its owner, will make you a bra fitting that will most certainly change your life. 


After a long week of work I’m headed to meet some friends I haven’t seen in a while and catching up with them at the wonderful Gymkhana, if you are a spice lover and a cocktail junkie, look no further! This restaurant in the heart of Mayfair is exactly what you are looking for. FYI their Biryani is to die for.


Weather: Warm but overcast low 20s

Pick of the day: Bata Dress


On Saturday morning I had to bring myself together to go Oxford Street! Eeeek I haven’t been close to big crowds since like forever, but I really need some proper running shoes and booked an appointment for a running assessment analysis at the Nike flagship store

DON’T JUDGE!!! I did get some proper running shoes… but couldn’t resist how awesome these look with my Bata dress. 

After a quick pit stop at EE, BTW is anyone out there in a happy healthy relationship with their mobile service provider? Or is it just me stuck in what seems to be a relationship based on contractual Stockholm syndrome?!?


After a busy morning of running errands, I let my hair down applied some lipstick and headed to a lunch date with my hubby, if you are into high baller spots with a Latin flair include Amazonico in your London to do list!


Summer evenings in London are looong and perfect for a reading sesh! Currently reading “Haven’t You Heard?” by Marie Le Conte… such a waste this book was written pre Hancock affair!

Sunday Fun Day

Weather: Overcast & Rainy below 20s

Pick of the day: Daydreaming Dress in Black & Gioia Kimono


I woke up to a lousy grey infamous British day, bit inconvenient TBH as I had booked a mani-pedi, but no amount of rain in getting in the way of a perfect summer pedi!


Getting ready for a very special B-Day, Little Miss Zoe is turning 1 and the occasion is being celebrated in Lulo total look ladies & gents!!!


After an afternoon passed by heavy rain but filled with cake and canapes I am ready to head home and call it a day!


Is The Lulo Project really a transitional brand as it claims? The hell it is! I can give faith: I worked, shopped, dined, ran errands, mani-pedi’d, and partied wearing Lulo all under the everchanging British weather and felt that all the pieces I wore were versatile, comfortable and easy to dress up or down when needed. Lulo you have a 5/5 for transionality!


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