6 Tips On How To Build A Versatile Wardrobe with Lulo

6 Tips On How To Build A Versatile Wardrobe with Lulo

The other day I was asked how Lulo can be versatile if most of our pieces are printed. And that is when I decided to write this blog post, because you don’t need to be wearing basics to be versatile, you just need to have the right pieces of clothing. Hopefully pieces that can give you comfort too!

Versatility in clothing means that an item can be worn or styled in many different ways; combined with different clothing to get a new look so they can be worn in different contexts and occasions. 

 At Lulo we love to find different ways to make each piece versatile. Here are 6 ways to combine our pieces!

Multipurpose Garments

All our collections are composed of groups of small capsules which combine printed and solid clothes that match together. In that way, you can always create many outfits from a small collection of clothes with your favorite print of the collection, since they will always have different pieces that match well together.  


Matching sets

We love a matching set (or also known as co-ords)! A matching set is essentially two pieces meant to go together, like a fashion puzzle piece. Making it easy for us to dress up every day without worrying about a thing.  We always at lulo offer you this possibility. 



The beauty of a matching set is that you can also wear them as separates. Separating your set doubles the wear of each piece! How can you do this?  Mix and match Lulo’s prints with classic staples of your own wardrobe. 


We create light weighted comfy pieces that can be layered, and in that  way you can add depth and dimension to your outfits. Combine different textures, lengths, and styles to create interesting and unique looks.

Dress up and Dress down 

All the pieces of Lulo are crafted to be laidback elegant. This means you can keep it casual and wear it while you are at home since they are very comfortable, and then when you need a cocktail-ready outfit, you can dress it up with some heels, accessories and makeup. 


Versatility is all about having the correct pieces that can be matched together. At Lulo, we work hard every day to provide you with this, because our main priority is that you can maximize the use of the pieces you buy from us and enjoy it in many different ways.


Martha Nieto

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