5vie district

5vie district

Among the most beautiful, central, and characteristic areas of Milan, is undoubtedly the 5 Vie district, (translate to 5 streets). This area got its name because of its function as the confluence of various streets: Via Santa Marta, Via del Bollo, Via Bocchetto, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina and Via Santa Maria Podone.

This was a dynamic crossroads of trade in Roman and Medieval times.

Nowadays the district is also full of life with galleries, craft,antique shops, ateliers, artist studios, shops dedicated to clothing and contemporary design as well as bars and restaurants.

A Lulo kind of neighborhood with a laidback radical-chic vibe.

One of my favorite areas in Milan and the inspiration to one of our most lovable dresses of the season.

Here are some of the places you shouldn’t miss if you get to visit it! 

What to see?

Biblioteca Ambrosiana

Pinacoteta Ambrosiana

Palazzo Imperiale Di Massimianno

Wear to breath art?

Gilda Contemporary Art

Nueva Galleria Morone

Deodato Arte 

Wear to shop?

Il Laboratorio Paravicini

Wait and see

The Cloister

Wear to drink?

B Cafe

Chiosco Mentana

Ostello Bello

Where to eat?


Trattoria Milanese

Salumeria Lia



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